Why should you choose Recruitment as a Career?
Published on April 15, 2021 by  Shravan Kumar

It is a Career, not just a job. 

Working in Recruitment requires a highly defined skill set, and it isn't a career everyone excels at. A common misconception is that Recruitment is a basic sales job that attracts those with 'the gift of the gab' and not much else. This is never the case for top billers. Recruitment is a part of every business's operations, making it a highly valued job, so do not underestimate the high levels of esteem it can hold. 

Broad business knowledge 

I learned an enormous amount about different organizations, industries, work cultures, organizational structures, remuneration packaging, and recruitment practices.

Dealing with an IT Services Organization one minute, a large bank in the next hour, a not-for-profit after lunch, and a Retail company later in the day. What other job provides such a rich array of intimate insights into the business world? 

Financially rewarding Career 

Recruitment can be extremely financially rewarding if done correctly. If you follow the right process, you will make placements and receive the monetary benefits. For many of you, this is the most appealing. 

An understanding of human behavior in the real world

In other industries, most graduates are put into some sort of 'entry-level graduate training program', which gives them a range of carefully monitored experiences to build their confidence and competence. Sometimes you don't even get a chance to interact with a client in the first year of employment!

In Recruitment, graduates are lucky if they get to pass off time on their first day without some form of exposure to Clients (both Job Seekers and Employers).

Acquire better Communication Skills 

Recruitment requires you to interact with people every day. The depth of interaction has developed over the years. With the emergence of email, social media, and mobile, the depth of communication you can have with these people is almost infinite. 

An opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of many, many people

I once received a call from one of my Candidate's Mothers, thanking me for getting her Son a job he deserved and how this would help their family. That was a reassuring moment for me. I thanked the almighty for providing me with an opportunity to be a change agent and change many people's lives.

After personal relationships, a person's job/career is typically the next most important thing in the world. When you have an opportunity to positively impact this area of life for people, it can be profoundly fulfilling.

Opportunity to Stay at the Top of Your Game

Recruitment is competitive. Even if that competitiveness is not in the workplace, it will be apparent with other recruitment businesses. Being such a service-led and people-based business, you will find that your personality and character distinguish your company from the rest.

Other industries may have more high profile graduate positions. Still, nothing beats the recruitment industry for an opportunity to fast track your Career - earn what you are really worth and experience raw emotion in all its forms! Why would you make any other choice?