Grow your career at We are
Find a role that fits just right for you. We feel responsible for every placement we do. Our motto is to make the process of recruitment seamless for both our candidates and customers.
Perks of working with We are
Innovative culture
We do not look at a 100 percent fitment all the time, right attitude matters the most to us. We have hired candidates from the industry to become recruiters.
Small effective team
We would like to boast of a mature team of recruiters, we give preferences to women who are looking at getting back to their careers to join our team.
Flexible work timings
Early to rising, late to bed or vice-versa does not really matter when you are a part of We are as you get to choose when you want to work.
Work-life Balance
We ensure that all our employees have a personal life out of work. Exactly why we choose to work only 5 days a week.
Open Vacation Policy
Take a break when you need it. We believe that the most productive employees are happy and refreshed.
Informal Perks
Even before you feel good about the work you are doing, an unannounced reward will follow when you work for us. Surprises thrill us.
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